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University of Alberta Japanese Students’ Association (UAJSA)は、カナダ・アルバータ大学の日英バイリンガル学生コミュニティーです。















Humans of Albertaでは、アルバータ大学に所属する学生や教授にインタビューをし、その「人」が何を考えて、どのような人生を送り、どのようなゴールに向かっているのかをお伝えします。Bookshelfでは、UAJSAのメンバーが読んだ本や感想を紹介しています。多文化共生の異国の地で外国語で生活・勉強する「人」は何を考えて生活しているのか、私たちの頭の中をご覧ください。そしてClassroomでは私たちが毎日受けている講義に関連した興味深い内容について私たちの考えを添えながら紹介しています。


その他にも、School Lifeのタブにも3つのサブカテゴリーを設け、Study Abroadでは留学全般に関すること、Edmontonでは大学周辺の情報、U of Aでは大学の施設についてなど、アルバータ大学への学部留学を考えている同志に大学生活を120%楽しんでもらうための情報プラットフォームを目指しています。


The University of Alberta Japanese Students' Association (UAJSA) is a student-led association based at the University of Alberta, whose purpose is to serve as a community for Japanese-English bilingual students.


The UAJSA was established in 2018 to achieve its mission to create a community where its members get to "learn" and "stimulate" each other through a connection - "Tsunagari."

Under this idea of Tsunagari, we strive to provide beneficial information not only to current UAlberta students but also to prospective students.


"Albertaurus" is the main project run by UAJSA whose aim is to make the University of Alberta closer and familiar to those who are interested in pursuing their education abroad, specifically in Canada. With the concept of "All you need to know about UAlberta" we publish various articles related to our university.


Under the Articles, there are three themes which highlight people - the most significant element that makes the University of Alberta. The "Humans of Alberta" features interview-based articles where you get to know us through the stories of our students. The "Bookshelf" is a compilation of books read by students accompanied by their thoughtful insights. Last but not least, the "Classroom" provides you with a glimpse to some of the courses taken by students.


We have two more categories under the "School Life". The "Edmonton" introduces some getting-around-campus info's and the "U of A" features what our university has to offer.


Although most of our articles are in Japanese, we occasionally publish English articles, too!


Enjoy reading, and we hope to see you at UAlberta!

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